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Thoughts, ramblings and realizations

Okay… I know this isn’t relevant to anything I ever post, but I just discovered a new theme… and I’m super stoked to use it.

I had an wonderful person reach out to me here and it meant/means the world to me that not only can I use this space as a rant/rambling zone, but I can also have people who care about me, which right now, feels like more than I can say for most people in my life. I have an amazing big from my sorority, a classy and fabulous sister from the same sorority (yes, Erk, that’s you), a killer roommate, awesome (but away) best friend(s), and a caring guy in my life. I need to remember to be grateful for said people, even if there are temporary…. disgruntled feelings. 

Overnight coming up, but lots of good on the horizon. 

Go play with the random button on my new theme. It’s fun!

Oh, and sorry about the deluge of Gemini posts.. I’m just proud, what can I say?

Oh yeah, I can be happy!

Continued the cleaning theme today and now my front room is cleaner and my room is awesome. I still have bits of laundry to do, but hey, little steps.
I had an interesting day and I watched something to help me out of this funk I’ve been in. I just need to remember to keep working at it. I’m almost 23 and I should be enjoying life. I deserve it :) here’s to the editing job that I’m just waiting for, here’s to the awesome body to be able to write and here’s to my awesome man to share all this excitement with :) yes, every once in a while I rant about my situation, but I had forgotten the smile, the humor and the laughter that is supposed to go with it.
Well. Not anymore.
I am happy and grateful for the things that are yet to be. (Actual desires are personal and, while I can share a lot, these are my hear and soul, I want to keep them that way, and free from judgement)


Feeling pretty content with life right now. I have some stuff on my mind but nothing really that upsetting or vent worthy. I have someone who is interesting me, internships that are making me feel amazing and a job that likes me (maybe not that I like it but.. not really complaining). 

Honestly the only complaint I have is that the person I like is 600 miles away. That’s easy enough to get over though because I’m seeing him in less than a month. Whoo! And he’s excited about it too. :)

Thoughts and ramblings

My best friend drove down from Salt Lake this weekend and it has been simply amazing. My mood has gone from dark and depressed to happy and almost vomiting rainbows… She has reminded me of who I am and what I had become in slc and all the possiblities that lie ahead of me. Life is truly wonderful and I absolutely cannot wait to see what it has in store. I had an amazing BBQ, surrounded by people who care about me (a few notable absences, people being in Mexico and San Diego or elsewhere) and it is truly something that warms my heart to know that I have. I got that second wind back and man does it feel awesome :)


Okay, so I have sucked it up royally on posting anything original lately and, until I dig out my room a little more, will probably continue to suck at posting new things…. It is a little difficult from my grad present , I know #firstworldproblems but still. I have been super busy lately, between starting work again, moving back home and graduating (minor details really….). I have been to lake Powell for the first time, which was incidentally my first time camping and that was a blast. I helped my g-lit get a little smammered and that was hilarious to watch. I injured my foot and numerous other hilarious stories that you kind of had to be there for. I received an internship, link will be posted later of my writing, and I’m working on my life….
I had some sisters visit me while they were in town and that was a crazy 3 day stretch that included freemont street, the strip and TAO night club with some of my fav people, not just my sisters but my best friend here. Again, between educating one of them on YOLO and coming up with TETO… I have a ton of stories that you just need to have been there for.
I thought about including my love life thoughts up here but… I think I will pass. The people who need to know about it do, with a couple of exceptions and they will be caught up to speed ASAPly lol
Hopefully I’ll be a little more consistent about my posts and may even be including some pics soon…. We’ll see about that.
Goal tomorrow: workout.

Thoughts and Ramblings: catch up edition

So, I’m slightly sick but still realize that I haven’t posted one of these in forever…. So now it’s time. I have a fancy new technology to post stuff with and make my life easier and now it means that I can enjoy being an adult. Um… Yeah. Have no idea about what that entails, but here are my life goals:
Become an editor
Get back in shape
Dive lots (dive master and maybe be paid to dive)
Dance lots (continue to get paid and then even teach)
Get married (to the love of my life of course)
Have a vacation home in Aruba
Be surrounded by my family, friends and loved ones (which in theory could be all the same)
Laugh a lot
Dream big
Travel the world
Be happy

Now that I’m back in Vegas, I want to get back in shape and hopefully not be too bored. I’m working on a spazzy new blog that will serve no purpose but to entertain me and whomever I share it with. Right now, I miss my friends, I miss my house and I miss SLC… I will be seeing some of them soon but it’s nothing like looking at my phone at 1 am and seeing the invite to watch futurama and get Del Taco. It’s nothing like that Tuesday text offering to go to the tea grotto because there’s time between class. It’s nothing like that Friday night phone call from my big asking if I’m still awake and if I want to go to the westerner. It’s nothing like wandering into a sisters room and leave an hour later having a completely different outlook on the guy you’re dating and being so thrilled that your sister is finally dating the guy whose been giving her a year long headache. It’s nothing like playing catchphrase at the dinner table with your sisters. It’s definitely nothing like taking that searing first breath in that snowstorm and wanting to just turn right back around and go back to bed. Life in Salt lake had it’s ups and downs but right now, I would give almost anything to be back…. Which is why I want to be back there by August. Good goal. Now, preparation and followthrough….

Thoughts and ramblings

Well, it’s been a while. A lot has happened, one thing led to another and basically it has panned out to my life being easy, boring and.. well, yeah. I’m going back to Vegas. It’s bittersweet going back to live with the fam. On one hand, I will at least have my family, my belly dance and some friends. I’ll also be going back to a place where I’ve always been in power in relationships. On the other hand, i’ll be missing all of my sisters and the people who have made my life interesting, eventful or at least drama filled. I’ve had interesting love relationships… and an interesting relationship with love. I’ve learned a lot about guys and about myself in the process and i’m not sure i ever wanted to, but now is the time to start fresh. I get to decide how my future plays out. I have no idea where I’m going to meet people to date or just around my age to hangout with but I’m excited to get started. I’m going to totally immerse myself in dance though. I’m going to take as many classes as I can with whoever I can. I’ll dabble in tribal, maybe get outfitted that way. Either way, it should be fun. 

Busy busy busy

Just like I knew I would be this weekend. I had an awesome couple of days at work (by awesome, I mean basically no downtime) I had a convo with someone that helped  clear things up, make things less awkward, got to spend some time with my best friend, had a photoshoot and in general there was awesomeness to be had. Now, to catch up on homework, emails and all that jazz. Yay life! :)