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Feeling pretty content with life right now. I have some stuff on my mind but nothing really that upsetting or vent worthy. I have someone who is interesting me, internships that are making me feel amazing and a job that likes me (maybe not that I like it but.. not really complaining). 

Honestly the only complaint I have is that the person I like is 600 miles away. That’s easy enough to get over though because I’m seeing him in less than a month. Whoo! And he’s excited about it too. :)

Ramblings (and thoughts and junk)

Okay, 6 am and I should probably be sleeping, but 1, I had an article to write, and 2 I’m day (night?) dreaming about him. The guy who makes me crazy, confuses me and who I wish crazy things about. 

I’m happy he’s trying in his small way, I just wish (aha!) that maybe I was good enough for him. For more. But for now, just going to enjoy the moment. (Trying to resist my typical family’s response: moment’s over

Shout out to my best friend in Vegas on her birthday as well and here’s to hoping I can enjoy the 3ish hours of sleep left before I start what probably will be my 2 weeks of hell. 

Update: well I wasn’t wrong about the hell thing. I just never thought it would be because I was friend zoned and now getting not so subtle messages on his face book, borderline clingy statements. Whatever.

Thoughts and ramblings

My best friend drove down from Salt Lake this weekend and it has been simply amazing. My mood has gone from dark and depressed to happy and almost vomiting rainbows… She has reminded me of who I am and what I had become in slc and all the possiblities that lie ahead of me. Life is truly wonderful and I absolutely cannot wait to see what it has in store. I had an amazing BBQ, surrounded by people who care about me (a few notable absences, people being in Mexico and San Diego or elsewhere) and it is truly something that warms my heart to know that I have. I got that second wind back and man does it feel awesome :)

Busy busy busy

Just like I knew I would be this weekend. I had an awesome couple of days at work (by awesome, I mean basically no downtime) I had a convo with someone that helped  clear things up, make things less awkward, got to spend some time with my best friend, had a photoshoot and in general there was awesomeness to be had. Now, to catch up on homework, emails and all that jazz. Yay life! :)